Middle East flavors: Hummus and Baba Ganoush

baba ganoushReady for discovering some super delicious Middle East dishes, as hummus and baba ganoush? Today is the right time to find out more news about two amazing recipes coming from this wonderful region of the world.

Have you ever tried the yummy hummus or baba ganoush? I am pretty sure that after making them in your own kitchen, you will become another fan of them 🙂 I personally love this kind of creamy dips, simply delicious and perfect as appetizer as well as side dish (or main dish, in my own case :-))

Middle East flavors

1* Hummus

I still remember the first time I tried out this recipe. After tasting it, I immediately fell in love with the magical hummus. This is a spread made with chickpeas (one of the main ingredients), tahini, olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. Why do I love it? Because it gives you a lot of energy, beside being tasty and very refreshing. And it is also very healthy. Aaamazing 😉
I do prefer having it in summer time, even if I would not say “no” to a super yummy hummus during winter 🙂

2* Baba Ganoush

Looking for a super delicious recipe for tonight’s dinner? Baba ganoush is the answer 😉 This amazing dish is made with smoky grilled eggplant, tahini, lemon, olive oil, garlic and plenty of colorful spices (as cumin). I really looove it. After you try it, I do believe it becomes really hard to stop eating it. What can I say about it? I suuuper like it. Baba Ganoush is irresistibly smooth and savory; it is perfect to enjoy it with pita bread or some vegetables or cheese. Last but not least, this spread is able to give you lots of energy, just as hummus 😉

After writing down these two delicious recipes, I bet I am going to have them for today’s lunch and dinner 🙂

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