Morocco: 5 wonderful places to enjoy in Marrakech

MarrakechPlanning to visit Marrakech very soon? Such a super amazing choice!
This charming travel destination is a real gem. Marrakech is the capital city of the mid-southwestern region of Marrakech-Safi and one of the most enchanting cities of Morocco. Amazing, is not it?

What does it make this city so special? Let us move on to explore this stunning part of the world 🙂

5 wonderful places to enjoy in Marrakech

*1 Heading over to Bahia Palace

Where to start your amazing Marrakech discovery? The Bahia Palace could be the right place. This very well-preserved historical site, located in the south of the Medina, is a great example 19th century Moroccoan architecture. Did you know that the Arabic word “Bahia” means “brilliance”? This is just another reason to go and admire it in all its beauty 😉

*2 Enjoy the magical atmosphere of Jemaa el-Fnaa

This is certainly one of the most famous attractions of the city. This incredible square, in the heart of Medina, is going to surprise you. From early morning to late evening, you can expect to find many snake charmers, entertainers and plenty of artists. You can enjoy this amazing show by drinking a refreshing fruit juice, cheap and super tasty.

*3 Maison de la Photographie

If you love art and photography, then you should consider to take some time to visit this amazing place. Located in the east of the Medina, there are many exhibitions about the history of Morocco: a great cultural trip.

*4 Explore Souks

Another suggestion is to save enough time to visit the enchanting Souks, which basically are huge traditional marketplaces of central Marrakech. It does not matter if you are looking for handicrafts, food or any kind of souvenir to bring back home. Just enter and breathe the magical atmosphere of the Souks: it is going to be a magical tour! 😉

*5 Admire the beauty of Jardin Majorelle

Looking for a stunning natural and refreshing environment in Marrakech? Then Jardin Majorelle is the spot that you need to explore. A wonderful garden, with beautiful fountains and colorful mosaics, which is also perfect for the ones who need a break from the busy city. Totally worth.

If you are spending some evenings in Marrakech, you may want to check out what to eat at dinner time 😉

On the way to Marrakech 😉

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