Discovering Portugal: 5 best beaches around Lisbon

beaches around Lisbon

A weekend in Lisbon? Such a great choice! All year long, Lisbon is able to surprise you with its beauties, life, many events and so on. Since I have spent many months living there, I tried to make the most out of it and so I explored the surroundings a bit: you need to find some free hours and take the train, the bus or rent a car, and start to feel like a dreamer walking into some sceneries you will see in front of your eyes very soon.


Seaside tour

I have always linked Lisbon with the view of the Atlantic Ocean, with the freedom one landscape like this can give you.  When you are so near the Ocean, a nice idea it could be to organize a day trip (or even half-day, since these next places are not so far from Lisbon) and to explore them. Here are some of my favourite small cities and beaches around Lisbon, where you can just lay on the seaside, try to surf or just look at the horizon. Winter or summer time will be both an amazing choice.

It is absolutely great as it sounds.


Do not forget Ocean water is kind of cold at least for me, coming from Mediterranean sea… but even Mediterranean sea is cold in my opinion, so I am not reliable on this.


Boa viagem! (Have a nice trip!)


*1 Costa de Caparica (Caparica beach)

Distance from Lisbon: 17 km

Costa de CaparicaThis is one of my favourite beaches nearby Lisbon. In less than 30 minutes by bus from the Portuguese capital you will get to this amazing place. 25 kilometers of pure beauty, where relax is the keyword, in this area that used to be mainly a fishermen village. You can easily explore all the coast just by using a famous tourist train called “Transpraia”, which connects the beach of Costa da Caparica to Fonte da Telha, by stopping in several beaches. This side is a very great spot for surfing, so if you feel brave enough bear in mind that Caparica could be the right destination where you could show your surfing talent.


*2 Praia de Carcavelos (Carcavelos beach)

Distance from Lisbon: 22 km

If you take the train from Lisbon to Cascais, one of the latest stops of it is Carcavelos: get off there and you will be ready to discover another one of the most famous beaches in the nearby of Lisbon. Always crowded, not only you can try to surf, but you also have the chance of playing football and beach volley. In this area you will find many restaurants and bar, so planning to stop there for a lunch is also a super idea. Since it is very well connected by the public transportation, I strongly suggest you to consider to go and take a look at it during your Lisbon weekend.


*3 Cascais

Distance from Lisbon: 34 km

And what about Cascais? Yes, you should really consider this city into your travel schedule. Beside exploring the city and enjoying the seafront, if you want to be active and do some sport, well all you need is just to choose which one. A suggestion is to rent a bike and go from Cascais to Praia Grande do Guincho (Guincho beach) where you will find many opportunities to try surf. Again. Cycling and surfing in half day? Of course, before enjoying an amazing lunch in some restaurants over there.

And if you want to make your trip even more cultural, remember that in Cascais there are many attractions waiting for you, as the Museo do Mar (Museum of the Sea), with its fascinating fishermen stories.


*4 Praia de Sesimbra (Sesimbra beach)

Distance from Lisbon: 41 km

Another paradise on Earth, with its sandy beaches and the pure Ocean water.  If you want to combine your relax with culture and adventures, next stop will be Sesimbra. I still remember the peace and beauty of Praia do Figueirinha, one of the beaches I super recommend you to try. Sometimes you do not even realize if you are still on Earth or in another planet. Wonderful.

Besides these stunning landscape, there is much more to see. You can go and take a look at the magical Sesimbra Castle, located at the top of the city, from where the view is marvelous. What about enjoying the sunset from there? Just for a wonderful end of the day! Just next to the beaches, there is the amazing National Park of Arrábida. If you are looking for some hiking, then you have ended up in the right place.


*5 Cabo da Roca

Distance from Lisbon: 42 km

Cabo de RocaWelcome to Cabo da Roca, welcome to the most western extended point of continental Europe! Yes, just like this. It should be more than enough in order to bring you there. When you reach this area, just think that in front of you there is only the Ocean for meters, kilometers… this is a place that does not even need many explanation! Just go and enjoy it. With the strong wind and the noise of the Ocean waves as soundtrack of your relaxing moment.

Aqui, onde a terra se acaba e o mar começa… (Here, where the land ends and the sea begins…) – Luís de Camões, Os Lusíadas



And what about learning some Portuguese “sea-related keywords” before your trip?

Of course, here you go!


Portuguese keywords

  • Beach Praia
  • Price – Preço
  • Sea – Mar
  • Street – Rua
  • Surfing – Surfe/Surf
  • Thank youObrigado (man), Obrigada (woman)
  • You are welcome De nada


Portugal basic information

  • Name: Portugal (Portugal)
  • Continent: Europe
  • Location: Western Europe, Iberian Peninsula, UTC +0 (WET)
  • Country code: +351
  • Currency: Euro
  • Capital city: Lisbon
  • Main airports: Lisbon, Porto

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