Pumpkin: a powerful and delightful superfood


When I think of superfoods, pumpkin is one of the first ones that come to my mind. This powerful and amazing food is probably my favorite vegetable, that I use to combine in several ways, from sweet to salty dishes. Wondering about the result? Always great.

It has been love at first sight. Since the first time I ate pumpkins, they become the main part of my diet. This food can easily be incorporated into desserts and soups, two options that I really love. Have you ever read about the magical properties of pumpkin? The list is really long, I am sure you are going to fall in love with it too.

Are you on a diet? Pumpkin is one of the low-calorie vegetables.  Do you read any reason to go and buy it?


Since when I realized that pumpkins are very tasty, sweet and good for your health, I started to look and find out more about their origin. This delightful vegetable comes from North America: the first pumpkin-related seed was found in Mexico between 7000 and 5500 BC (Wikipedia). After a while, it started to be produced in many countries, and today the list of biggest producers of pumpkins also include India and China. 

Basically, pumpkins are a tasty, delightful and very healthy food, which an amazing color. It does not take a long time to cook them. They are perfect for your breakfast, lunch and dinner, not to mention coffee breaks.

One recipe: Pumpkin Parmigiana

(2 pumpkins, 150 g. parmesan cheese, 150 g. mozzarella cheese, 100 g. tomato sauce, olive oil, black pepper, basil leaves)

I am sure you have already heard about Parmigiana, the classic italian recipe where the eggplants are the key ingredients. Since I love coming up with new ideas, I tried to make out a parmigiana by using pumpkins instead of eggplants.

First thing is to cut the pumpkins into slices and start to cook them: you can leave the pumpkins in the boiling water for 20 minutes. After brushing the pumpkin slices on both sides with olive oil, it is time to stir-fry them.

Meanwhile in a large baking dish, you can spread a bit of parmesan cheese, some pieces of mozzarella cheese, a bit of tomato sauce and some basil leaves. Then top the sauce with a layer of pumpkin slices.

Simply repeat it, layering up – and finish with the last of the tomato sauce. Bake for 30 minutes until the top is crisp and golden: your amazing dish is ready!

Time to head over my kitchen to make it real! Ahah 😉

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