Road trip: 7 tips to enjoy your adventure

road tripEver thought about planning a road trip by letting your heart and car bring you to some wonderful destinations? In the heart of the U.S. as well as by organizing your Balkan tour, getting lost into the magical atmosphere of Australia and stuck into the traffic that a metropolis like London or Rome has: it does not matter where you will end up, I am pretty sure it is going to be a super worthy adventure.

A road trip is such an experience that, once you tried it, it is hard to get rid of.


Why is it so amazing?

  • No plans to make in advance, no bus or train to catch up, no flight tickets to book in advance;
  • The freedom of going everywhere you feel like. Let your instinct drive you;
  • Every second is going to be filled in with a new landscape. It seems like you are not going to lose even one corner of the beauties along your way;
  • No rules to follow: if you feel like stopping for a while to take a wondrous picture, enjoy the view and a coffee, you can do it.

The power of choosing whatever you like the most.


7 tips for your road trip

*1 Fully check up of your car

As you know, there are just a few things you should take care before the trip starts. No, it is not your travel itinerary, that is completely flexible and up to you. What you should consider is to bring your car to a fully check up in order to make it more reliable and ready to bring you everywhere. Your powerful mean of transport just needs some love and fuel after all, but a good checking before leaving it will surely help you and your car, to feel more loved.


*2 Planning? Documents to bring

Well, as always, one thing that is certain is that you need your documents in order to cross border and move all around. So be sure to keep them all (check out the expiration dates) and also your car data. Also, it could be wise to check in advance how many fees you have to pay by using highways, so you will avoid to waste a lot of time looking for them last second on the internet. Just choose the countries you want to visit and pass by, and take a look at the laws and rules to follow. Just a bit of bureaucracy, to enjoy your upcoming adventure thoughtless.


*3 Turn off the phones, turn on your social skills

Travelling by car gives you the unique chance to spend a lot of time with some people in a cozy environment: it could be your family, your girlfriend or someone you do not even know about, the point is the same: turn off the phones and turn on and enjoy human relationships, instead.  You can always find something to say, some topics you would love to talk about.

This way you will not feel tired even after many hours spent just sitting in the car. You will also save your phone battery this way, ready to use it when it is necessary. What a smart traveler, are not you?


*4 Bring some food and drinks

Having something with you that you can eat anytime sounds very cool. You may feel hungry when you have just entered the highway and do not want to stop. Or maybe you feel like starving but you do not find any bar open. So this is why it is always better to make a small bag full of some dry snacks and plenty of water. Yes, water: it is always needed. Sometimes you do not feel like drinking a lot, but it is important to have with you because keeping yourself hydrated will help you feel dynamic and energetic all trip long.

Any other useful extra items?

  • Fridge bag, tissues
  • Blanket, music


*5 Take several quick stops: for a coffee, for refreshing a bit

One advice I would love to give you is to stop every 2 hours to refresh a bit. A road trip is so amazing that sometimes it seems you are not able to stop for a while. But it is key to have some rest instead: take a short break to go and enjoy some fresh air, drink a coffee, smoke your cigarette or just walk, stretch a bit your arms and legs. You do not need more than 10/15 minutes: and you can be sure that after this you will feel super dynamic to reach the next destination of your travel.


*6 Take with you passion and energy

This is the main ingredient in your amazing luggage. You are going to enjoy very soon a lot of amazing landscapes and itineraries; by travelling by night and looking at the vastness of the stars in the galaxy; by stopping for a quick snack in a tiny bar in the countryside. This is going to be an incredible trip from the very beginning of it. Energy and passion, a lot of love will be your best friends 24/7. Especially when you do not choose the right route, when you end up driving for hours under the rain and realize you have no umbrella with you.


*7 Be curious

Any idea of how many discoveries are awaiting for you? Too many, it does not even make sense to count them. Be ready to explore a fantastic world, to ask for some advice to the locals and try out new kind of food, a restaurant that serves only local cuisine. I mean, you have been driving for days to eat the same dishes you can make at home? No way. Be curious and fly.

One road trip… endless new stories and adventures.


Then, you do not need anything more.

You are ready to write down another marvelous chapter of your adventures.

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