Spices from the world: the powerful ginger


Have you heard about the powerful spice called ginger? Of course you have! It is one of my best friends, because it does not matter in which part of the world I am, I try to bring it always with me. Since when I discovered its magical power I started to use it more and more often by adding it from time to time in some dishes, as well as coming up with new recipes. The result I got? A great one. I ended up becoming addicted to it. Such a natural, powerful, healthy drug.

Ginger is one of the healthiest spices on Earth which is full of benefits for your body, since it is loaded with many vitamins and minerals and you can feel it. When you enjoy some ginger, you feel like you are giving to your own body a super deserved present.


Originated in the southern east Asia, ginger has been known and used therapeutically for centuries in many areas of the world because of its special properties. The ancient Romans and Greeks imported it from China and from that moment on ginger started to spread in the Mediterranean areas. The pulp of the ginger can be yellow, white, red or sand color, depending on the variety and it is covered with a brownish skin. Wondering about its taste? I can say it is hot and pungent, you do not need to use a large amount of it to get its flavor.

It can be used in several ways! I love trying to combine new ingredients into new recipes. I can say I am often able to find a way to put it into my daily diet.

One recipe: Ginger Tea

(2 slices of ginger; 2 pieces of cloves; 1 slice of lemon; 1 spoon of honey; water; love)

Especially when it is cold outside I am always looking for some extra vitamins and nutrients in order to fight against coldness and so on. In winter time you can easily find me making my own cup of lemon ginger tea. This recipe is super easy and fast.  All you need is to boil some water into a pan and then add in it two slices of ginger (before that, remove its skin!) and 2 pieces of cloves. Leave it to boil for five minutes and after that feel free to look for your special mug. Put one spoon of honey in the mug and pour the boiled water in it too. Squeeze a slice of lemon and love.

It is perfect at the very beginning of the day, just before having your delicious breakfast. Or even in the afternoon. The best drink just before falling asleep.

In a nutshell: anytime you want it, just make your ginger tea cup and you will feel stronger and with lots of energy.


Ginger… with love from the Far East!


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