Sunflower seeds: tasty, healthy and powerful

sunflower seedsIntroduction

Good morning everyone! I have just had my daily ration of sunflower seeds and I decided to create a post for them.

Since I recently started to eat them, as always I got very curious about their properties and how to use them while cooking. Even if sunflower seeds are mostly used as a snack in many countries, I use to have them during my main meal, breakfast 😉 I realized they are simply perfect for adding taste and power to your yogurt, as well as your delicious salad or soup.

What you can be sure about is that there are so many options to use them in your diet. I also find them pretty easy to digest and this is surely a plus. Not to mention all benefits they have: from vitamins to mineral salts, they are ready to delight and recharge your body.

Basically what I suggest to you is to go and buy these incredibly healthy seeds. And to eat them whenever you feel like.



The wild sunflower is native to North America. This wonderful plant has its origins in Peru and Mexico, where it is cultivated in this area since at least 1000 BC. Do you know that the Incas considered that plant the image of God of the Sun? They identified it both in the seeds of the flower and with reproductions in gold.

This exotic North American plant was taken to Europe by Spanish explorers around 1500. From that moment on, sunflower seeds started to be spreaded all around the globe.

Nowadays you can find them everywhere: so you cannot keep these healthy seeds away from your diet!


One recipe: your powerful healthy bulgur

(70 gr. bulgur, 50gr. chickpeas, 50 gr. green peas, 10gr. sunflower seeds, 10gr. pumpkin seeds, parsley, olive oil)

Let us move on to the recipe of the day. Do you know the magical cereal food named bulgur? Today it is going to be our main ingredient.

I love making new dishes and following new recipes, my heart and my instinct. Being creative is key to make a wonderful meal, is not it? 😉

Time to start and cook our portion of bulgur, then add some chickpeas and green peas (which are loaded with proteins). To add some extra flavor you can also put garlic and some spices, as parsley. When your dish is ready, feel free to top it with some sunflower and pumpkin seeds and dress with olive oil.

And be ready for a wonderful lunch tour! 😉

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