Sunrise city walk: 4 amazing reasons to enjoy it

sunriseImagine you have just woken up and outside the window there is an amazing sunrise. A lot of fresh air, not too much noise, a surreal atmosphere. Have you ever thought about going out in that part of the day?

I love waking up early morning. As you may know around 5.30am I am already awake. I do not sleep a lot and I recently realized that it is due to my love for breakfast. It is like my body is calling me since breakfast is approaching and I cannot wait to have it. This is why I do not even need to set an alarm clock.

During summertime for example I use to wake up up even earlier and sometimes I go for a walk. It does not matter in which part of the globe I am at that moment. I just go out and walk a bit. And let me tell you that is truly amazing.

Sunrise city walk: 4 amazing reasons to enjoy it

*1 Discover a stunning environment around you

You are may living in this city since many years or you have just moved in it. It does not matter. When you follow your daily schedule and route to get to your school or job place, at some point you will not longer be able to realize how much beauty there is around you. Try to get out of home in the early morning: with a calm atmosphere and a magical sunrise around, you will suddenly discover many beautiful details of the city itself.

*2 Buy a gift to yourself

After waking up early you realize to have plenty of time ahead of you. It could be 2 or 3 hours to spend in the best way before going to university or to bring your kids to the school. Have you ever think of enjoying this incredibly amazing part of the day by yourself? Not so much pressure around, calm is the main ingredient of your morning. It looks like a fairytale, but it is actually what can easily happen to you every single morning. Just put it into reality!

*3 Spending quality timeĀ 

I do believe this part of the day is able to offer us many benefits. After sleeping some hours, your body need a lot of energy to start and be ready for the day. Which means not only having a proper breakfast, but also to feed your soul with positive vibes and sensations. You will be able to listen to your heart and needs. This is the best way to start the day. Walking is the best medicine!

*4 Keep your body fit

Walking every day for 20/30 minutes gives you the unique opportunity to keep your body fit. During the day you are always busy with many things and it seems there is no time to do any kind of sport. What about doing sports as first activity of the morning while enjoying a colorful sunrise? Trust me: you will get yourself happier and fitter in a while.

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