The beautiful Andalusia: 5 things about Seville

sevilleWhen I think of Andalusia, one of the first things that comes to my mind is Seville. This wonderful city, located in the South Spain, is a real gem which is going to surprise you for its beauty. Lots of history, which you can feel when walking into the downtown, and typical food coming from ancient time. Wherever you go, you can easily get lost into its stunning sceneries, the amazing and cozy atmosphere, its hospitality.

5 things about Seville

*1 Weather

I remember my first time over there, it was mid August and there were more than 40 degrees. It was a very hot welcome, which is kind of normal during this part of the year. Basically you can go and explore this city during the whole year, since the weather is mainly sunny and dry. From winter to spring, through autumn and early summer, you will not be wrong. Just bear in mind that July and August are often extremely hot, so if you can choose another period it will be great.

*2 Typical food

Be ready for an amazing food tour! Seville is well-known for its beauty as well as for its delicious food. What about tapas? I am sure you have heard about this magical name. I can say this is a kind of lifestyle, not only a kind of food. There are many places where to go and enjoy it, from taverns to the several food markets. I also tried out Paella, which I had also the chance of eating in Valencia (here is the delicious food tour in Valencia). A And what about Gazpacho? This tomato soup is just perfect as an appetizer, and I used to have it during my stay. As you know my love for dessert, then I need to give you at least one sweet option: Churros with chocolate. Winter or summer time, every moment will be the right one to have them.

*3 Flamenco

Welcome to one of the most famous Spanish dances. Flamenco is not only a dance, since it combines also singing and guitar playing. It is a pure adventure. I do suggest to fit it into your schedule. Where to go and enjoy a Flamenco show? There are several places (called tablao) that offer this kind of show. Andalusia is Flamenco’s home, do not miss this amazing chance.

*4 What to see

When I arrived to Seville I headed over the famous Plaza de España: I loved it so much that I could spend hours just by admiring it. Since we always want to discover more about the cultures, I do suggest you to go and take a look at Triana. In this part of the city you will feel the soul and the culture of Seville. And what about The Cathedral and The Reales Alcazares? Wherever you go you will be able to find a wonder waiting for you.

*5 Bike tour

How about discovering Seville by bike? It sounds amazing as it is! I did not have the chance to make it so far, this is why next time in this wonderful city I will do it. There are lots of bike tours which allow you to discover each corner of Seville. An unique perspective of a stunning city.

I fall in love again with this city, since it is always a beautiful choice!

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