The importance of an healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyleEver thought about the importance of following an healthy lifestyle? I do believe so.

I took part in a very interesting project “Obesity is not Destiny”, funded by Turkish National Agency within the Erasmus + program. Do you know about this amazing program? There are plenty of opportunities waiting for you in this field, such as training courses, seminars and so on. Through the mean of no-formal education, you have the chance of learning a lot while working with people coming from different countries.

The project I am talking about was mainly related to the topic of healthy lifestyle, as well as to obesity. By sharing ideas, opinions and knowledge, we came up with many ideas about how to keep an healthy lifestyle.

Ready to find out more about? Let us moveee on 😉

3 steps to follow an healthy lifestyle

1* Eat a healthy diet

Talking about healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet is key to your wellness. Following a diet does not mean that you should change your daily habits and follow a strict one. I personally believe that all you need to do is listen to your body and mind. One idea discussed during the project is to pay more attention to the products you buy. How?

  • Keep an eye on their main ingredients, reading their labels and learn more about them;
  • Take care of your daily intake (not only food but also drinks);
  • To be able to make your own portion (based on your needs and kind of life).

2* Enough amount of sleep

Another crucial aspect of an healthy lifestyle. Yesss, sleep is so important that you always need to give some time to it. How could your body be fresh, powerful and active if you do not let it rest properly? It just cannot.
This is why I really realized once more during this project about how sleep could be a key factor of your wellness.
And I am going to put it into reality, still working on it 😀

3* Take care of yourself

Probably the most important advice. Never forget to take care of yourself, to respect your body and mind. If you love yourself, then everything gets easier. There are many ways in which you can help yourself to feel better, more productive and enegertic. One of these is to start some physical activities as yoga in your daily life. Having a yoga session in the morning as well as in the evening really helps you to cut down your stress level, while giving back plenty of energy. Go for it!

I wanted to thanks a lot the amazing “Eco Life Group” organization for the passion they put in the project, as well as the wonderful international working team.

Looking for extra 5 daily healthy habits?  Super powerful, super healthy 😉

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