Travel tips: how to save money and energy in 5 secrets

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Saving money during your journey? It is not all about catch last minute low-cost flights and find some great offer regarding the accommodation: this is just the very beginning of your “saving mode”.

You have got to the city, to the beach, or wherever, and so it is time to combine holiday and to not waste money, which usually brings also a waste of time and energy. How to put this idea into practice?

Time to move on and have a look at the “Smart Traveler Recipe”, with its list of main ingredients!

Smart Traveler Recipe: 5 ways about saving money and energy

*1 Free walking tour

Ever heard about this fantastic initiative? I discovered it first time in Krakow (Poland); then I started to check it out, and I found it also in Vilnius (Lithuania). A free walking tour is a wonderful way to discover the city: tourist and local guides drive you into the city, for an average time of 2 hours, walking here and there in the city. All you have to do is join this groups and get lost into the beauty of the city you are visiting. Just check out where is the meeting point of the initiative (usually in the main square or some popular streets of the city).

It is for free (you can give tips at the end, and they really deserve it, since the service is amazing), you meet new people and tourists from all over the world, you do not need to spend time planning what to see and what to do, someone is already doing it for you.

To sum up:

  • A walking tour into the beauties of the city
  • Walking through streets and views you did not think of visiting
  • No time to lose in making plans in advance
  • No money needed (just the tips at the end of the adventure, and this is up to you)
  • How to meet a lot of people, from each corner of the world
  • Potential network, social and business sides both

In one word?!? Marvellous!

In two words? Strongly recommended!


*2 Always start with an energetic breakfast

Wait a minute: grab a coffee or tea and in 5 minutes leave home it is not called breakfast; this is just called having a coffee or tea. When you wake up in the morning, take your time and eat, like you would do for any lunch or dinner; give 20 minutes to your breakfast meal (is it too much? Well, I usually need 40 minutes, but that is another story you will discover more about soon) and drink, eat and enjoy your awakening process.


It is the best part of the day.


Personally, I love breakfast and I cannot skip it. It does not matter if I am in an hotel, at home, in another continent, if I have slept three hours or just two.

Breakfast is part of my life: actually my theory is that I do not sleep a lot during the night because I am already thinking of the next breakfast, and how to make it super amazing. I am totally crazy for it, and I will try to share with you this passion.

Did you know? With a proper breakfast, then you will manage and control yourself throughout the day.

Do you know what does it mean?

  • More energy since the very beginning of the day
  • Less hunger throughout the day
  • Less stops needed for eating
  • More money to invest in something else



*3 Buying souvenir? Yes, but in the big markets

Souvenir. For many of us they look like a nightmare: to invest energy, money, time and our creativity to find the right present, and another one and more.

It seems like you have to schedule a whole afternoon of your holiday just for them.

When your friend, your girlfriend  or relatives asks you for some small gift: I know how you feel. Even if it is a tiny present, you know you will end up and enter many souvenir shops, without having any clue of what you have to buy.

I know, it is not easy at all. And I know you do it only because you are kind and it is nice, after all, to bring back something from your adventure. It is nice, when it is not mandatory, otherwise it starts to be a bit complicated.

You do not see any needs to keep all that stuff, all those souvenirs, that you are even afraid they are not able to fit into your hand luggage: problems after problems.

So, you already know that:

  • You feel afraid of not being able to buy something nice for the person who asked you to buy it
  • You will have to fight against your hand luggage to let your souvenirs fit into it
  • You will need to carry out in the city plenty of bags
  • It is very nice to buy something and keep it as memory of your trip, especially if you enjoyed it: so, from time to time, it is nice to do it
  • You do rather prefer to collect memories, experiences, moments than just a simple object


Your travel memories are always with you, and this matters. Nobody will touch them at all, that memories which come back to your mind in a cold rainy Thursday afternoon of December: they are the ones able to give you a smile.

You know what I mean.

So, my solution about souvenirs is quite simple: just do not buy them. It is not only about money: you will save energy, power, time and also yes, some coins you may could buy something for you.

If you really need to, well so, at least go to the main market of the city (there is always a bigger one), where you will have a lot of cheaper choices, and many more chances to find out something nice.

Good luck!


*4 Public transport: do we really need it?

First of all, let us be honest, of course this point also depends on the city you are visiting; you cannot expect to be able to visit London or New York just by walking (even if you can do it and you have enough time for it), and sometimes the help of some means of transport could be super amazing and comfortable.

Sometimes, exactly.

What about taking into consideration the fact of going and discovering the city just by walking? Why you should jump from one bus to another one, always rushing and ask yourself too much work? Sometimes we think that with the help of some means of transport is the only way to visit many places: I think the opposite instead, since if you travel this way, you are looking at everything but you are not enjoying anything actually.

Let me explain. You may are able to see all places you have scheduled before, but just get to some place, look at it and take a photo is enough for you? Sometimes yes, others not at all. So why do not avoid as much as you can means of transport? This way you will not have any bus or train to chase, nor to do plenty of tickets. And to enjoy three hours that park you did not even want to visit, but was a pleasant discovery.

I think getting lost into the city is the best way in order to discover it.

To feel it yours, to feel close to its culture.

You can rent a bike, less stress than jumping from one bus to another one and even good for your health; or just walk, live, dream.


*5 Quick and cheap lunch? Supermarket is the answer!

When it comes to having lunch or dinner, it is always nice to go and enjoy it while taking also some rest, especially on holiday time. But, are restaurants the only solution to eat something? I do not think so.

What if you do not want to spend sitting two hours at the restaurant? Personally I do love to find other ways, and going to some typical restaurant just once, twice in order to taste the real food.

Any other ideas for a quick and cheap lunch? Yes, luckily we have.

A super nice option is called supermarket. Not a market, a big one.

And which are the advantages that you can get from it? There are so many that you could not even imagine them, since you have always underestimated the power of a supermarket.

It is time to list them:

  • It offers an endless variety of choices, you will find what do you like to eat at the moment. How many time you do not what to eat? A lot. Well, entering a supermarket you will have an endless variety: it will be more complicated to choose, but you will probably get what you wanted to
  • Besides having lots of choices, it is going to be cheaper than other options
  • Nowadays a lot of supermarket have packed-ready-lunch in small box, provided with fork, knife and spoon. So, very easy and simple, you do not need to think of them
  • You can buy food and drink and improvise a picnic, in some public parks. What better of enjoying the city, the country where you are, just by sitting somewhere outside? A park, a bench, anywhere, everywhere.

Supermarket style? Why not.


And now, just by checking your pocket, with all money saved in this trip, you can start to think of the next one.

The endless circle of travelling: always ready to live another experience!

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