Travelling alone: 5 sensational reasons to go and enjoy your freedom


Travelling alone: be careful, it is easy to get addicted to it.

It is something that, when you discover it, you will not be able to avoid, at least to fit into your schedule from time to time.

Travelling is nice, everyone more or less like it, and of course organizing a trip with your friends, girlfriend or boyfriend, family or whoever is still nice, but you know sometimes this way of travelling cuts down your freedom, since you have to decide how to manage time, how to organize some visits, to coordinate some plans and so on with other people.


Come on, you go on holiday to enjoy your freedom and you end up making even more plans than a normal day? No, this is not the way.

But we have already found the therapy, you do not have to be worried about it.


Surprisingly, by travelling alone you do not need to take care of anything written above. Yeah, everything is just up to you. In each single step.


Still wondering why you should go and travel alone? Okay, here are 5 reasons more:


*1 A true discovery of local cultures

You are not with your friends, you are not speaking your own language and your trip is fascinating and challenging from the very beginning till the very end. You will end up living like a local for the whole time of your stay, by realizing how many nice people there are in the world.

Just for bringing you an example, I still have in my heart what happened to me when I was recently visiting the magic land of Cyprus; you know that feeling of walking randomly, in another city, in a small country, and everything seems too nice, new, colourful to you. It is the first time you may see it, and so you are enjoying the scenery.

Well, that was me walking through Kannavia, a small village of Nicosia district. But the best still needed to come: walking along the street, I saw many people in their garden, sitting, working, looking at people. So, could you believe that local people from the village asked me to enter their home? They wanted to offer me their coffee, halloumi and many other homemade products.

But that was not all. When entered the house, they started to show me pictures of their son, and talking about their relatives and their lives, the preparation behind some homemade products and trying to make me feel as much comfortable as I could.

They were speaking Greek, and even if I do not know anything about this wonderful language, well I can say I understood almost everything, since they were mainly speaking with their hearts.


Amazing. This is the only thing I can say.

So, just follow your instinct, passion and curiosity, and you will end up experimenting incredible, lovely, sensational feelings, you have never thought about before.


*2 Increase your network, make new friends

Well, you can be sure most people you will go and meet will be your first time with. And let me tell you, based on my personal experience, I have got some great friendships this way. You will see things from an another point of view, you will think of something you have never thought before, something you could not even imagine just a few days before, when you were packing your own luggage, when you were reading some articles about the country.


Best experiences and feelings are not written in any guide, they are waiting for you to be lived in first person.


And do not forget that this network could be also used and important in your everyday life, in your everyday job. Even just by getting closer to one person, with another culture, with another background, it will be a treasure for you, in that moment as well as some days, months, years after.


*3 No plans, no schedule

What better than go on holiday, take the train or the flight, and do not have any schedule to follow? I mean, it is like a dream. You do not have to make any plans, respect any timetable: it is easy, it is holiday, and stress does not belong to it.

There is nobody telling you what you should visit, what it could be better or worthy to visit and how to schedule every second of your holiday. Yeah, you may do some draws, just to write down a few places to see, or something you really do not want to miss. Do you want to have your lunch time at 1pm? Go for it. And this afternoon instead of visiting that park, you decide to go and enjoy another beautiful side of the city, or just go shopping. Who is checking you out? Nobody.

And who cares if at the end of this trip you will not have visited many places, this will be just another excuse to come back there another time.

Yes. There are no musts, only desires: your trip is “an adventure into the adventure”.


*4 A true discovery of yourself

Just by walking alone in the city, getting lost in its streets, just by looking at the stars, just sitting drinking your cup of coffee: you have a lot of time to spend with yourself.


To look at the same thing, from another perspective, and discover something new you may like. To come up with new ideas while drinking coffee in the early morning sitting in the pub, while the city is slowly waking up. Or just setting new goals, to see new things that are not in your country, in your background, and to say yourself “how I could have never thought before of it!”

You will realize:

  • How many things you did not know about yourself
  • To know, as well, much more than expected about something
  • How to take some aspects, ideas, food of the country and put into your everyday life
  • How much you cannot wait to start and implement everything you learnt in your daily life.

So… do you like coffee just because you are using to drink it with your friends or because you really do like it? Now you probably will know the real answer.

Meanwhile, remember to throw away your phone, you do not even need internet for spending time with yourself. Free & easy, enjoy the freedom.


*5 Raise your self-esteem

You can just count on yourself. And this is a lot. Trust me.

No friends around you, maybe the phone does not work properly, you do not know if you will be able and catch the train and bus you are supposed to.
No problem, for anything you will find a solution. The best one or not, who knows.

For sure it will teach you a lot in terms of:

  • Expressing yourself in another language
  • Dealing with some emergencies, unexpected problems
  • Finding out always the way to reach the destination you wanted

 You will come up with new ideas. And you will understand it is not all about money. You can solve many situations just using your creativity, your passion and love.

 This way you will realize how much strong, dynamic and great you are, you will realize how many things you can do by yourself. You, the best.


Travelling alone… such a natural, powerful, super strong drug!

So, what will be your next destination?

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