Traveling in your daily routine? 6 ways to make it real

travelTraveling? It is kind of a lifestyle. It is the way you look at your life. When you think of your next travel, you get excited. It can be the journey you have been planning for months or the trip you want to do since when you were a child. It can also be just a weekend abroad, ready to discover the power of another city and enjoy another amazing spot on Earth.


Traveling. This is something not only related to the trip you want to do the next summer; did you know that we are easily able to travel and dream every day? It is much more easy than what you have thought till now.

And it is even for free.

Let us discover some ways to travel just by living your everyday life.


6 ways to travel every single day

*1 Walk through alternative roads

By doing the same way you may not be able to see plenty of the beauties that are just around the corner.

This is what happened to me lots of time.

Instead of taking your car and parking just 20 meters away from your university or office, leave it a bit more far: this way you are going to discover new shops, a magical relaxing park and you will have another point of view of the same city.

You can also decide to go by bus, experimenting a different route. Take the underground. And if the weather is going to be sunny and nice, why do not get to your job spot by bicycle? Amazing way to start the day.

This is how I discovered the best pastry and ice cream shops.

Be curious: you never know where you can get.

Take another street, a surprise is waiting for you just around the corner.



*2 Enter a new supermarket

I know. You have your beloved supermarket where you buy everything. Especially if you run out of time, this is the faster solution: you already know where the products you need are and you do not waste too much time on shopping. This is great! True.

Now let us look at it at the same thing but with another point of view.

How could you discover more products (new brands) by doing always the same itinerary and going to the same shop? Today it is time to change and to head to another market.

Every single product will look different, even the same “pasta” you are used to buy every day will seem different to you. Not only the products are different, it is also your perspective.

It looks exactly like when you are on holiday: you enter a new market, without making too many questions and you get lost by admiring items you have never seen before. It is cool!



*3 Start to plan your next trip

Why do you think that the travel period is on just when you are actually on holiday? I do believe it is not enough. Personally sometimes I feel more relaxed and happy in the preparation of the trip, instead of during the trip itself. You can look for some information on internet, reading some itineraries and getting more curious day after day. Even if there are 2 months left, you are dreaming every day about your future plans.

Make your own tea, relax and start to come up with some ideas: step by step you are going to explore new wonders on Earth.

That is super amazing.



*4 Read a book

It has been incredible to me to realize how reading a book can help you to fly away.

The chance of spending some time with yourself, to enter a new galaxy, to come up with new ideas and let your creativity work. To relax at the same time.

Suddenly I started to be addicted to it. I could not even wait to come back home at night time to continue the amazing trip: it can be a thriller, fantasy or adventure book: it will make you feel like travelling in another planet.

It helps you to be more open, to let your mind be more creative and find new ways. To think of something you have completely ignored for a long time.

You will feel the difference in a while.

Just choose your book and start to give a few minutes per day to it: after dinner or after watching a movie, whenever you feel like it.

Instead of checking out the notifications, messages and news on your phone, grab your book and fly!

It will be a very pleasant and relaxing trip indeed.



*5 Cook a typical dish from another country

Finally it is dinner time, after such a long day. Sometimes all you need is just a bit of relax and to spend some time without thinking of nothing. This sounds perfect. What about let your creativity works? Instead of getting bored by making the same fast and quick recipe tonight, what about looking for a different one today?

Something easy but that you do not cook so often?

You can even make some experiments, new ways to cook the same product and develop your powerful chef skills.

You do love that country, that you would like to go and visit quite soon. Or you have just come back home after another unforgettable journey.

I mean, what about continuing your trip and start to make a new recipe you tried once or you are curious about?

It will look like a nice emotional travel with your mind and heart.

So, in which part of the world will we have our dinner today?



*6 Look at a documentary on TV

You may love watching movies on TV or do not watch TV at all. I usually do it just in the morning to get some news and music during the delicious breakfast time (are you used to have breakfast? 10 steps to fall in love with it)

A great option I want to suggest you is to enjoy some documentaries. It could be a rainy Sunday afternoon as well as the very beginning of the week. You are able to find plenty of programs related to travel adventures, ideas and experiences. Every time you are going to explore a single corner of the Earth and spend one hour completely lost into the nature, the historical city or the amazing museums they are going to share with you. Every time it is a surprise.

You will be delighted from this virtual trip.

And getting ready to make your own next one.


Travelling as a state of mind. Is not it?

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