Wanderlust? 7 amazing signs you are born to travel

wanderlustHave you ever heard about the word “wanderlust”? If you have not yet, it is time to discover more about it, dear traveler. In sociology its meaning is “desire to travel”: starting from a pure and natural discovery of several corners of the world to check out and try different kinds of food, while trying a new experience in another country, finding out new ways of travelling, meeting new people; to discover a new country feeling like a local, not just a tourist, taking care of many small details that most of the people does not even notice.


Desire to travel, then. An union of impulsivity and curiosity: the result is amazing.

A person with wanderlust simply cannot stop exploring, travelling, discovering.

A true mix of curiosity and a sincere, true passion for the unknown.


Since I have heard this word, I felt like belonging to this stunning planet, which gathers an endless population of dreamers. Adventurers and dreamers. This is how I like to name them. So, if you are wondering why it never seems that you travel enough, and each time you come back home after your trip the first thing you do it is not to turn on the laundry but to look for the next destination, welcome.

You are not alone, I have the same feeling.


To live, to travel, to dream. And much more.

Time to move on and take a look at some feelings each wanderlust dreamer try every day.


7 Amazing signs of a wanderlust dreamer

*1 You suffer nostalgia: when you come back home after a trip, first thing you do is start and look for your next destination

“How was your trip? Did you enjoy your holiday?” These are the first questions usually people ask you, when you meet them after your weekend abroad. Most of the times, you do not even know from where to start and tell your story, since you enjoyed so many landscapes and feelings that is not always possible to explain yourself using simple words.

So you would like to tell them more about your adventures, you may have had many funny experiences but your mind is already busy… yes, you are busy looking for a new trip, for your next destination to explore and live.

Well done. Next stop: travel.

You know that the trip itself is not just spending about 3 days abroad, but much more: travel means the preparation process; your researches of where to go; starring at the world map for half an hour; feeling exciting to ask yourself which destination you would like to explore as next one, while you are sitting at your desk. Basically, you are travelling every day of your life.

And this is one of the amazing secrets behind your pure smile.


*2 Saving money: you already know how to invest them

When you save 20 euros, you do not look for a restaurant where to go and enjoy your dinner, you do not keep them for buying the last model of sunglasses, you do not even think of these options. You look at these banknotes and you already dream, they are so precious. Clothes? Accessories? Cinema? Who cares. Let us be honest: you cannot wait to have some free time, even just 5 minutes, and look for some low-cost flight, train, bus offers that would be able to bring you somewhere else on Earth.

This is the best investment for you. The best one on your happiness, on your life.

Great, keep it up!


*3 You trust yourself: your instinct is the best guide

Do we really need any map for the city tour? Definitely not. Besides the fact that having some basic information is always a good way to start your trip, well, when it comes to planning you do not want to lose too much time. You are dreaming just by thinking of the next destination, of your trip. Why explore websites, buy papers and more when soon you will have the chance to discover it by yourself?

Not too much preparation, not too many studies.

You already know which is the best way to discover a city: to get lost in it and feel very close to the locals, to their atmosphere, to everything.

This is exactly the meaning of the word “travel” for you.


*4 Routine is definitely not your thing

You wake up in the morning and since when you open your eyes, you feel you need to do something different. Starting from the breakfast meal. Today? Still espresso but I feel like eating something different. Less milk, more eggs. Yesterday 10 minutes of yoga and today?  Just some push-ups.

There is no routine in your life, this word does not belong to your vocabulary. You always find something different to do, to eat, to drink, and even when you end up doing similar things for many days, well, you are still thinking differently, you are using another way to look at them: it is just because of your mind, free and open.

You just cannot repeat same actions too many times per day, per week. And when it happens by coincidence, you feel something missing, you immediately realize it.

No routine, no rules: each moment is a new discovery, a new moment to spend in a different way.


*5 When you enter a library, you end up in the travel books corner

Just imagine. You have to wait 20 minutes before your train departure, or half an hour before meeting your friends. So you are maybe thinking about how to spend that extra time you have got, until when you see a library, just on the other side of the street. You enter it, you do not even know why. It could be your first time, or you may go there each day. It does not matter, you will go there and look for the travel books corner: a super smile, passion and true love when you are in front of all those books, all those potential destinations, all those upcoming adventures. You feel like a child that has just got their present.

You do not know which one to pick up, they all seem wonderful to your eyes.

Your desire is just to travel, to explore and to dream: and so you will start and read one of those amazing books. With a big smile on your face, coming from your heart.


*6 Your luggage preparation? You are born ready!

“How much time do you need for packing your stuff?” “Packing, whaaat?!?”

Make your luggage is never a problem for you. It seems that everything comes automatically to your mind, what to prepare and what to bring with you: your heart is guiding you. You know yourself, you trust yourself: this is the best tool, the best guide you need. There is nothing more important. There are of course some tools, something that you want to bring with you, but the main ingredients are your passion, your love, your smile.

And once the trip is started you have just realized you forgot something on the desk, in the kitchen. But you just do not care. This is not so important, after all.

You have made plenty of adventures, you have faced several situations: you will always find a way to solve any problem. Creativity belongs to you!


*7 Forever? No thanks. Life is a day-by-day adventure

When you hear the word “forever” you start to feel sick. You get uncomfortable and you need to take a deep breath and run away. Always daydreaming, you are born as a dreamer. You like to send yourself from one place to another one, always ready to discover a new corner of the world. So you cannot imagine to be stuck in just one spot, since you know the world is so big that there is always a new country to visit, waiting for you. You look at everything through a “temporary” view and you may love the city you are living in and the job you are currently involved in, but you are always open to new offers, to new opportunities.

Personally I do love this point of view. So if you thought you were the only one thinking something like this, do not be worried about it any longer: we are at least two.

Travelling gives you freedom, freedom and freedom. No plans, no long-term thoughts, no chains, just the time to enjoy the beauty of the landscape each minute, to be yourself and enjoy your dreamy life. Life is today, not tomorrow nor yesterday.

Rise and shine, greet the world with your super bright smile.


So, where are we going to travel next?

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