Wonderful Norway: 8 amazing facts about this beautiful country

norwaySo you are on your way to Norway, are not you? Located in the northern side of Europe, in the Scandinavian Peninsula, this country has many curiosities to show you about. Besides your cultural and historical trip, it could be nice to get some more info about the country itself, some curiosities about Norwegians.

Just to be ready for enjoying a super cool weekend in this magical land. Ready?


8 amazing facts about Norway

*1 Norgesvenn

Let us start with some Norwegian words our trip to the stories from Norway. So, this word literally means “friend of Norway”. This prestigious title is given to any celebrity (like politicians and artists) who has visited Norway more than once and who has a very nice relationship with its people.

So if you got addicted to visit Norway, you will enjoy a super beautiful country, a lot of stunning natural site, people and also get some acknowledgment.

Thank you (takk, in Norwegian) Norway!


*2 A penguin was named knight

The famous penguin Olav V, who owes his name to the king of Norway, was named knight in 2008, after being the mascot of the Norwegian royal guard for years.

So cool, is not it?

But let me tell you that it was not the first one. In fact, it is the third penguin to occupy this prestigious role! It looks like a very nice tradition: the first one was chosen in the 70’s by the royal guard and since then the charge is inherited.

A super powerful penguin dynasty!


*3 In the warm months, the sun never sets!

How does it look to go to sleep when outside it is sunny like noon? Well you do not have to wait a lot of time for discovering it, since if you are heading Norway this could be a possible scenery. In order to enjoy this wonderful phenomenon you have to go as far north as possible! At the same time you can be able to contemplate the phenomenon of Northern Lights: a landscape that can easily leave you speechless.

In the summer months the sun does not stop. From May to August, Norwegians do not see sunsets. So you can organize a weekend during this period of the year, 3 days, 24 hours per day, with one common word: sun. Light.

Ps. Do not forget and bring with you your sunglasses, I bet it will help to fall asleep in this radiant midnight scenery.


*4 Special Christmas’ gift

Every year the city of Oslo (the Norwegian capital city) donates a wonderful Christmas tree to Trafalgar Square in London as a sign of eternal gratitude for the assistance that the British gave to Norwegians during World War II.

Since 1947.

When I read about it, I felt very surprised.

What can I say? Always keeping with you amazing memories: and Norwegians are doing it very well.


*5 Where is the butter?

Do you like butter? Norwegians do! In 2011, due to some critical conditions, Norway experienced a lack of butter at national level. The shortage caused soaring prices and the stocks of butter in the stores ran out within minutes of deliveries; it was a very butter panic (smør-panik), so the Norwegians were forced to go abroad to buy it. Love is love and when you go crazy for something, you can do everything.

Nothing can stop you.

This is like the perfect example.


*6 Norwegian flag? A great story behind it!

Norway’s flag is red with a blue cross outlined in white that extends to the ends of the flag. The vertical part of the flag is shifted to the hoist side in the style of the Dannebrog (Danish flag). The colors recall Norway’s past political unions with Denmark (red and white) and Sweden (blue).


*7 Brown cheese

Are you a cheese lover? Very good news for you especially if you are always looking for some new products in order to expand your horizons. In this amazing country you can try the famous “Brunost”, a typical brown cheese that it is produced and consumed mainly in Norway. It is used to eat at breakfast as well as lunch time or during your tea time. This is also why basically you will find it everywhere.

Ready to try it out?


*8 Ready for the weekend? Helgefylla!

As you can imagine at weekend time it is easier to relax a bit more, chill out and end up drinking something more. Norwegians tend to concentrate their alcohol consumption on Fridays and Saturdays. Do you know that there is even one word which describes it? This is helgefylla or “drinking with exaggeration at weekend.”

Just in case you are going for a weekend in Norway now you are aware of what is going to happen around. Let us enjoy the weekend!


Norwegian Keywords

And what about learning some Norwegian words before your trip?

Of course, here you go!

  • Hello – Hei
  • Yes / Not – Ja / Nei
  • Thank you – Takk
  • You are welcome Vær så snill
  • Excuse me – Unnskyld
  • Good morning God morgen
  • Good afternoon God dag
  • Good evening God aften


Country basic information

  • Name: Norway (Kongeriket Norge)
  • Continent: Europe
  • Location: Northern Europe, UTC +1 (CET)
  • Country code: +47
  • Currency: Norwegian krone
  • Capital city: Oslo

Main airports: Oslo Gardermoen, Oslo Rygge, Oslo Torp, Bergen, Trondheim


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