World tour by cycling: 6 charming cities to discover with your bicycle

bicycleI know that, if you are a sport-addicted like me, you like to take any opportunity you have to do sports even on holidays. So, what is better than try and combine your two passions? Discovering new lands, new cities, corners of the world by bicycle… it looks like a dream, and there are some cities actually want to help you to get your dream.


I really love to get lost in a new city, since this is the best way to know it, to see some corners out of the tourist map, unexpected beauties in all the town awaiting for you. Instead of just walking, a nice option could be to rent a bicycle for your period of staying, and live for real the city, like a local.


Why go cycling?

  • Keep yourself always fit (and you will feel even more free to eat anything on your holiday, cool is not it?)
  • Discover many details and curious angles of the city
  • Save time, instead of being stuck into the traffic using public transportation, line for the tickets and so on
  • Save money
  • Respect your body and the environment: everyone will be happy

Already warmed up and ready to cycling? Great, then let us move on.


6 world cities to discover by cycling

 *1 Copenhagen (Denmark, Europe)

 Planning to go and visit Copenhagen in the upcoming months? Great choice. Welcome to one of the best bicycle-friendly cities of all the world, where mostly of the people usually move by bicycle, without paying too much attention to the season itself. To go and rent a bicycle is as easy as pie. From the taste of the Northern Sea to the view of The Little Mermaid (the most famous tourist attraction), through a magical historical trip in the downtown, this city has a lot to offer to you. Remember to take a look at Amalienborg Palace, before flying with your bicycle to the sea (Amager beach is a great option, located on the southern-east side of the city) while you are there try one of my favorite Danish sweets named Bondepige Med Slør (layered bread filled in with apple cream and chocolate and topped with icing sugar): such an amazing award after all your kilometers.


*2 Ljubljana (Slovenia, Europe)

What better than start our bicycle tour with the European Green Capital 2016? Ljubljana offers you many attractions, an unique atmosphere, with its city center mainly reserved to the pedestrians and cyclists. I had the luck to visit it during both winter and summer time and I can just say that I am truly surprised from its beauties.

Take your chance to ride a bicycle just along the Ljubljanica river, which divides the medieval center with the rest of the city. Along the river, you can reach the famous Dragon Bridge just before crossing the Triple Bridge, three different bridges that connect the Old Town with the modern side of Ljubljana. If you are brave enough, what about going and reach Ljubljana Castle? The view is amazing. Wandering what to eat within your wonderful tour? Let me suggest a super tasty cake: Prekmurska Gibanica, a multilayered pastry cake filled in with walnut, poppy seed, apple and cottage cheese fillings. And your break will be an unforgettable dream.


*3 Barcelona (Spain, Europe)

Looking for a wonderful city in the Mediterranean Sea where to go and cycling? Barcelona is waiting for you. In the recent past there has been an increment in the number of people using to ride bicycles there, since the government invested more in cycle paths and the system for the rental of public bicycles. What about cycling in the magical atmosphere of La Rambla,  getting lost into the beauty of this stunning pedestrian area? More than one kilometer of pure beauties, from the magnificent Plaça de Catalunya to Colombo monument. Step by step, you can get to the Sagrada Familia, another of the most famous attractions of Barcelona. After breathing all this history, well it could be time to recover some energy and make your stomach happy: my suggestion is to go to La Boqueria, a big market where you can find all the typical Spanish food you desire. My favourite sweet food in here? I cannot resist to Crema Catalana (Catalan Cream), a delicious custard dessert, made from milk and thickened with cornstarch and eggs and topped with caramel: it simply melts in your mouth while eating it.


*4 Curitiba (Brazil, South America)

Taking a look just outside Europe, time to move on and exploring one the greenest cities on Earth, located in Brazil: Curitiba. Located in the southern part of the country, this city is able to offer you many worthy places to see. If you are a nature lover, looking for a great spot where to go and enjoy the calm and relax, this is a great choice. Really close to the Atlantic Ocean, you will be delighted by discovering in your tour many attractions and parks as the Botanical Garden and the Tangua Park. Want to go cycling at night time? Nice idea, since at the end of your daily route trip I suggest you to go to the “Rua 24 horas”, the street that does not sleep. In here there are more than 30 shops and restaurants waiting for you anytime. Magical.

If you want to try out and eat something local, well then write down this name: Barreado, a slow-cooked meat with tomatoes, onion and many amazing spices.


*5 Montreal (Canada, North America)

Montreal. Welcome to another amazing green city, which hosts many festivals and it is a true jewel to visit. Do you know that in between May and June there is also the bicycle festival? Yes, there is one. So if you have not planned yet your spring break, now you know that this festival is waiting for you. Montreal is a wonderful city to visit all year long, but since the winter is really cold, you can go cycling especially during spring and summer. And if you want to visit it in winter time? Well when it is such a freezing cold outside, you can explore Montreal’s RESO Network, also known as the Undeground City, which consists of interconnected complexes, beneath downtown Montreal. Basically it is another city. Amazing, is not it?

Back to our cycling tour, during your visit you can go and start from the Parc du Mount Royal  (from where you are able to have a stunning sightseeing of the whole city) to Saint Paul Street, such a cozy route full of restaurants, souvenir shops and art galleries, without forgetting to take a look at the Botanical Garden.

Want to eat something? All you have to do it is just remember this name: Saskatoon Berry Pie, and with this fruity dessert I am sure you are going to enjoy your coffee break.


*6 Amsterdam (Netherlands, Europe)

Back to Europe, could you believe that in the city of Amsterdam there are more than 1 million bicycles? I still remember how many people use to ride their bicycle to go to work, to school, to go shopping. Everywhere. And getting into the charming atmosphere of the city by cycling is something super cool. You should really pay much more attention to the bicycles traffic than the vehicles one, and believe me, it will be even hard to find a park for your bicycle. From Van Gogh Museum to the Royal Palace, discovering Amsterdam is like living into a postcard scenery. This is probably why it is known also as “Venice of the North”. During your trip you can include the visit of the Dam Square, and if you are in love with museums well remember to go and take a visit at the Rijkmuseum, the most famous Dutch art museum. About the street food, well even if I am a sweets lover I tried the Patatje Oorlog, the fried Dutch potatoes, which you can dress with an endless list of sauces: it takes a lot of time to choose in between them, since each one of them is super tasty. For my fellow sweets lovers, go and try Poffertjes, baby pancake puffs served with melted butter and powdered sugar.


So? Let us go to rent our bicycles and keep our adventurer spirit ON!

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