The secret power of Yogurt. 5 wonderful moments to have it


You know my love for the cakes, desserts and so on. The whole “sweets” family, category. I know I am addicted with this kind of food, but today I want to show you one great friend, called plain yogurt, by focusing on its importance for your wellness and which are the best moments during the day to have it.


If you wish:

  • To become an artist, and make new combinations, discover new tastes, recipes by dressing your yogurt in several ways;
  • While getting a lot of benefits, many proprieties, plenty of qualities, vitamins and taste at the same time;
  • Keeping on your diet, since plain yogurt is a super light food;
  • To buy a present to yourself and dream, spoon after spoon, by enjoying this amazing dish;

In these cases, welcome to the yogurt land: such a powerful, strong and important meal.



When to have your yogurt “dreamy escape”: 5 top moments

*1 Breakfast

Your best decision ever

Just think of waking up in the morning and have your cup of yogurt waiting for you: it looks like a walk into heaven. It acts like a secret magnet that it is able to bring you out of your comfortable bed. Especially when it comes to breakfast, you can even eat a lot of it, and dress it as you feel like.

Red fruits, dry fruit, cocoa or coconut powder, fresh fruit, all good all perfect.

Just the perfect way to start another day, your amazing day.

And if it is summer and hot, even better. But in winter time it is great the same, be aware of it 😉


*2 Lunch

Your smart choice

Well, you know, when it comes to have your lunch break, you have an average of 45 minutes or 1 hour, to consume your meal. Sometimes even less. So, have you ever seen the line in each pizza, meat, or any kind of salty food shop? Yes, you need plenty of time since this is the rush-hour and everyone is there, like they are not eating since days.

Then, at the same hour, take a look at an ice-cream shop, at that yogurt store just behind the corner. There is no line, anyone is going to have it shortly after lunch or later on, as an afternoon break. This means yogurt is waiting only for you. Dress it, with fruit, caramel, chocolate, and dream. And, since it is quite easy to digest, you will also be back at work without your stomach full and actually feeling very light: the best way to keep your energy level ON, and give your best in the second part of the day.

Just perfect!


*3 Dinner

Quick and easy, a wonderful end of the day

You can imagine yourself, after a whole, intense day at work, lost into the traffic jam, where all you want is just to get back home. And then, anyway you have to come up with some ideas about dinner. You may do not have a clue: no worries, here is the best solution ever. Tonight instead of cooking and wasting time and energy about deciding what to prepare, keep it easy and simple: open your fridge, yogurt is the best idea for tonight.


*4 Morning/afternoon break

Each break matters. Much more than you thought!

A break is a break. So it does not mean only to have your cigarette, or to take your coffee. 15 minutes break are just perfect, for taking a walk, for going and enjoy your time, with no job, no books to study, no phone to check out. Just you and your yogurt. You can go to the supermarket and grab your portion of yogurt, since it is one of the food that usually is sold in the perfect portion (125 grams format). Made for you!

Break is a break, time to enjoy, time to relax.


*5 Any time

It is always the best moment to buy yourself a gift

I see, I feel you started to get addicted to this yogurt magic land. You are thinking of having it exactly right now. Or maybe you are already eating your magic yogurt, that is actually great. Well, anytime is great for it.

Some examples? Here you go.

#Planning any date, yogurt is perfect, the best way to start your date, by refreshing your mind and delighting your heart;

#Meeting friends, yogurt is such a good excuse to spend time together with your friends, even for just 10 minutes;

#Going out with your wife/husband in a lazy Sunday afternoon, instead of being closed at home, you can go and enjoy your cup of yogurt;

#For any stop during your tourist tour, after walking plenty hours all around the city, climbing the mountain, swimming into the sea, which better option than enjoy a yogurt?       

#For no reason, yogurt.


Yesterday, tomorrow and today … Yogurt is the right way

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